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  • Reducing Accidents

  • Preventing Injuries

  • Preventing Lawsuits


I have invented and hold a patent on a revolutionary Vehicle Safety System. The Jet Pass System is a Life Saving, Accident Prevention Car Safety System that dramatically reduces the exposure to the following daily hazards:


- Attempting to enter or cross an obstructed intersection.


- Pulling or backing out blindly from a parking space, driveways, intersections, or crossing roadways.

Insurance companies and fleet managers are singing our praises but the ambulance chasing accident lawyers and doctors will attempt to sue us for unfair competition. As a result, your company will experience significantly reduced accidents, resultant cost damage to their vehicles, and reduced insurance rates.

Who hasn’t experienced the fear and anxiety of pulling or backing out blindly from a parking space or driveway!

Or the fright when entering or crossing an intersection where your vision is blocked by parked cars and you can’t see oncoming cars.

* (NHTSA), U.S. motor vehicle crashes in 2010 cost almost $1 trillion in loss of productivity and loss of life.

*The yearly overall cost of accidents in the USA is approx. $1 trillion dollars.


* Even though intersections constitute only a small proportion of the entire roadway system, they account for about 40 percent of the 5,811,000 crashes that occurred in the United States.


* The most frequent critical reasons for intersection-related crashes are inadequate surveillance (44.1%) and “turning with an obstructed view”.


Who hasn’t experienced the discomfort of finding yourself halfway across an intersection before you were able to see past parked cars blocking your vision?


* Fifty percent of all accidents involve parking! 25% of all parking lot accidents are caused by vehicles backing up.


*A staggering one of every five motor vehicle accidents take place in a parking lot, and 70% of hit and run accidents occur in parking lots killing over five hundred people.

When you pull into a parking lot what is your first thought? I would bet that it’s "Where can I park so that I don’t have to back out blindly?!"  Yes, we often respond this way seeking to avoid the hazardous experience of backing out.

 We focus on eliminating obstructed views because approx. 90% of accidents occur while parking or at intersections. [See our power point]


Imagine your cost saving on insurance with only a 10% reduction in accidents from this disruptive safety system.

These savings will accrue from a reduction in the following: claims, casualties, vehicle downtime, law suits, legal defense fees, doctor's fees, long/short term medical costs, claims staff, claims investigators, damage to surrounding property, loss of productivity etc.


This system is easily installed and can transform your company's cost of operation, insurance rating, and save lives.


All the above is accomplished using exterior mounted cameras connected to a split screen mirror mounted on the standard mirror displaying the front, rear or oncoming roadway view. My device allows drivers to see traffic ahead and approaching vehicles on both sides. This device has no comparables and will be in great demand because of the lifesaving support it provides drivers and insurers.


Our low cost-to-benefit ratio and our focus on eliminating the most common daily hazards makes our system likely to become standard on all cars.


Why only record when you can prevent accidents?


Jet Pass System is differentiated from Dash Cams and all the other new avoidance technology because it focuses on eliminating everyday road hazards and accident prevention.


  • The Jet Pass System will become as common as head lights and driving without will be like driving in the dark!


  • The Jet Pass System will help you eliminate the horror of frequent 'close calls' and dramatically reduce the daily exposure to accidents and injuries!


Let us remove the common close calls, dangers, and obstacles and put the pleasure back into driving.

We request your review and consideration to make our system an intracule part of the safety accessories and options that you offer. This will motivate consumers to purchase because of the lower insurance cost and reduced vehicle and driver downtime.